Terms and Conditions – $250 Royal Caribbean Gift Certificate Giveaway.

*Terms and Conditions of $250 Royal Caribbean Gift Certificate to Spend at Sea Giveaway Contest: Contest entries are judged based on originality, creativity and grammar. Each qualifying entry is graded and given a score of 0-100. One guaranteed winner per a month for each qualifying contest drawing requiring at least 50 qualified entries, if less, contest rolls over to the following month. When you vote and share the results of the Poll with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, you qualify for the opportunity to share your most memorable cruise experience for a chance to win a $250 Royal Caribbean Gift Certificate to Spend at Sea on your next cruise. Participation in the Poll is the basic requirement for getting the chance to win the $250 Gift Certificate by sharing your most memorable cruise experience with our subscribers. Contestant must be a subscriber of the #StopYulin.Campaign Newsletter at the time of the Qualifying Contest Monthly Drawing for the $250 Royal Caribbean Gift Certificate. Contest requires a minimum number of qualified entries as stipulated to earn the designation of a Qualified Contest Monthly Drawing. Non-winning contestant entries are not subject to rollover entries in subsequent drawings. One entry per a contestant per a Qualified Monthly Contestant Drawing. Winner is notified by email and entry is subject to address verification and verification of a cruise sales receipt or any other time stamped proof of cruise purchase. Redemption of $250 Royal Caribbean Gift Certificate is subject to the rules and regulations of Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. Winner will receive Gift Certificate in electronic form only. Contestant (“submits a Qualified Entry”) agrees to grant exclusive rights to Job Ninja 2.0 (“www.jobninja20.com”) to publish their contest entry in whole or in part on website without any special restrictions or requiring any kind of monetary compensation or claim to business equity. Contestant agrees to indemnify Job Ninja 2.0 (“www.jobninja20.com”) of all liability with respect to Contest Participation and Entry Publication via online submission of their contest entry. Winning entry will be announced in #StopYulin.Campaign Email Newsletter (“www.500colleges.com”) and Winner will receive award subject to said verification requirements. If Winning Contestant’s entry is null and void due to fraud or their inability to prove their cruise purchase (“experience described in Contest Entry”), Contestant’s entry is null and void and Contestant with the next highest score in Qualifying Contest Monthly Drawing will be awarded the $250 Royal Caribbean Gift Certificate upon meeting verification requirements. The full cash value of award may only be applied to a new booking with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines or to spend at sea applicable to their account with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Winning Contestant is subject to rules and regulations of gift certificate redemption with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. The four requirements for Contestant qualification to participate in this Gift Certificate Giveaway are (1) Vote for your favorite Cruise Ship as specified on “www.jobninja20.com”, (2) Share the Results of the Poll on Facebook or Twitter (“Tweet or Post”) using Tweet/Share buttons in Poll, (3) took a prior cruise and retained some kind of time-stamped verification preferably a cruise sales receipt, credit card statement and share a true experience on the Contest Entry Submission Form and (4) a current subscriber of the #StopYulin.Campaign Newsletter at the time of the contest drawing to receive notifications by email of winner contestant. All four requirements of qualification must be met to receive Contest Award for Qualifying Contestant’s Monthly Drawing.

Consent: “With your participation, you consent to our use and processing of your data.” I consent that the operator of Job Ninja 2.0 (“www.cruisevotes.com”) can store and edit my personal data in automated form in pursuit of administration of Gift Certificate Giveaway Contest. The collection and processing of the data serves exclusively for the sending of information relating to travel and other services and product offers. There may be transmission of the data to other third parties for administration purposes. I agree that the opening of emails associated with this Gift Certificate Giveaway Contest as well as the clicked links are recorded in order to enable communications to you. In addition, I agree to receive travel related product information from companies with affiliate sales relationships with Job Ninja 2.0 (“www.cruisevotes.com) via email at irregular intervals. This consent can be revoked completely or in part at any time with an email to wade@500colleges.com.  A revocation link is included at the end of each email with product offers.