What is an Organic Resume?

Welcome to Job Ninja 2.0, the developers of the Organic Resume and the Job Interview Magic Workshop. Job Ninja is operated by Wade, Sachi, Anton and Rudy, a small team of web developers and graphic designers based in Florida, U.S.A. and Thailand. We share the Buddhist Path to Mindfulness by having compassion for the less fortunate. We work hard to raise social awareness of our favorite charities:

(1) Clean Water for Haiti (CWH) to provide access to clean water for people living in extreme poverty,

(2) The Humane Society International (HSI) to bring an end to the dog farms and the horrific slaughter of 30 million dogs annually in Asia and support the #StopYulin Campaign to abolish the Chinese Yulin Festival where golden retrievers, labradors and other breeds are electrocuted and boiled alive in front of crowds.

Job Ninja 2.0 encourages social #activism and supports Clean Water for Haiti and HSI’s #StopYulin.

Subscribe to Job Ninja 2.0 and you’ll receive a free-trial password for Job Interview Magic 2.0, our mobile-friendly job interview training online workshop. It’s accessible from any smartphone or mobile device. The Organic Resume format was designed so that the elements of your resume work together coherently.

The Organic Resume Project was designed to raise awareness for the Clean Water for Haiti Charity (CWH), a registered 501(c)3 organization that works on the island of Haiti to install clean water bio-sand filters and prevent the spread of deadly waterborne diseases such as cholera which claimed the lives of over 10,000 people after the 2010 earthquake.

The Organic Resume Project is a 100% Net Proceeds Initiative by Job Ninja. One hundred dollars ($100) will go to Clean Water for Haiti (CWH) from each Organic Resume; the CWH cost to build, deliver and install ONE (1) bio-sand filter in a Haitian household and provide clean water for up to 10 people.

In exchange for your gratitude and support of the Organic Resume Project, we will optimize, upgrade and convert your current cover letter and resume into a dynamic and professional Mobile Resume Webpage (sample: John Mancuso) for distribution on Twitter and other social media channels for the next 90 days to help you locate job opportunities and get job interviews. While we design your new Mobile Resume Webpage which includes Three (3) Years of Web Hosting, you can take a tour of Job Interview Magic 2.0.

Click here to learn more about The Mission of the Organic Resume Project.

The Organic Resume is the second release of our job placement platform which incorporates job placement strategies tuned to the higher level of the Internet — Web 2.0 where convergence between many interactive and dynamic platforms takes place such as social media channels, Wikipedia, blogs and Twitter.

First, we critique and optimize your cover letter and resume and then convert your resume into a professional HTML-powered Organic Resume Webpage (“Go Mobile!”) for distribution on the Web. Your Organic URL link gives you tremendous reach across the Internet to locate job opportunities and generate job interviews through harmonious, coherent and structured sharing of your Mobile Resume Webpage on social media channels. You may be wondering if our (“Organic Resume Project”) is a certified resume writing service. We are not certified by any of the major trade associations such as the National Resume Writers Association (NRWA) or the Professional Association of Resume Writers (PARW). We respect the integrity of these organizations and their roles in the development of the career development industry. Our focus is not on writing brand-new resumes per se, as is the case with a standard resume writing service, but the optimization and conversion of your paper resume into a highly professional looking Mobile Resume Webpage for Mobile convergence with Web 2.0 properties. We respect the position of a brand-new resume. It has a time and place. Our focus is on Web 2.0 Mobile Convergence so that we can broadcast your resume on social media and Internet channels to get job interviews. Our goal is to extend your reach across the digital landscape for the Hiring Managers to see your skills and qualifications and help you locate job opportunities you never thought were possible. Most job candidates fail to understand the full scope of how to use social media channels like Twitter to distribute their resume with a small bit.ly URL link to network online. We help them overcome their learning curve with their resume conversion into a Mobile Resume Webpage.

We believe that our service is highly comparable to any resume service offered by a Certified Resume Writer at a significant discount. Our staff over delivers on our promise to you by assisting with your job search and by distributing your new HTML mobile-friendly resume in social media which includes 500 business cards for mobile networking along with instant access to our job interview workshop, Job Interview Magic 2.0.

You should know that 80% of Certified Resume Writers don’t prepare resumes from scratch anymore. It’s simply not “sustainable” for them. The Internet offers instant access to trusted libraries of resumes that just about anyone can mold to suit for a job posting in 24 hours. Upon working with Certified Resume Writers in the past, we have learned that they rely on templates and case studies to build brand-new resumes. The job market is constantly changing and Hiring Managers are receptive to resumes of different styles and templates for their respective industries. The use of case studies allows Certified Resume Writers to stay “in-the-know” with the fast-moving trends in the career development industry.

For example, professional computer programmers are trained to use open-source libraries of previously tested and debugged code to inspire their own software code and create new software programs. With advances in the Internet, the use of open-source libraries is a mainstream practice in many industries. Why waste time reinventing the wheel, when you can refer to a Master Blueprint on your computer and create a better one.  You will SAVE a lot of time and resources that could be immediately allocated to the most IMPORTANT part of your job search: resume sharing, distribution, promotion to network with Hiring Managers and Headhunters in your area to generate job interviews fast and job offers.

Our “30/70” rule works well when it comes to locating job opportunities fast for our clients. We believe in putting the most emphasis on the promotion and networking aspect of your job search. Why overspend on the services of a Certified Resume Writer when the right people may never see your resume. At Job Ninja, our focus is “30% effort” applied towards creating a great cover letter/resume and “70% effort” applied towards marketing, networking and promotion on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook so that you are in the right place at the right time.

We are so confident that our Organic Resume is going to work well for you that we offer a complimentary Job Interview Magic Workshop so that you can use brush up on your job interviewing skills at no charge with we prepare your Mobile Resume Webpage. Subscribe for free to Job Ninja today and you’ll receive your free-trial password. You will learn tips, strategies and tactics for better job interviewing in about 30 – 45 minutes that will increase your ability to persuade the Interviewer to offer you the job and possibly position you for a better job offer at least $10,000 more than advertised.

You can take advantage of a targeted and planned way to find a job; simple, fast and hassle-free methods to get your resume out there for instant exposure to job openings all over the country with a great choice of jobs. If you are actively seeking employment, take a few moments to email your resume to us and complete our Job Interview Magic Online Workshop and ace your next Job Interview.Get a pen and paper ready to jot down important notes “before” your next job interview!

You can earn another great coupon offer: $10 Cashback Coupon Code upon completion of our online job interview training workshop (it’s free), Job Interview Magic 2.0. Subscribe to Job Ninja 2.0 and check your Inbox and then confirm to activate your free-trail password for Job Interview Magic 2.0.

We are committed to helping our job candidates find sustainable means of employment – temporary employment,  temp-to-perm employment, permanent employment with benefits and independent contractor jobs in a broad range of industries ranging from IT to healthcare.

If you’re an employer seeking great talent for your company, please contact us. Many of our job candidates complete the Job Interview Magic Workshop each week and they are actively seeking employment. We can help you ease your Human Resources burden by locating and interviewing new candidates for your job openings through strategic job ad postings and create a targeted and interactive funnel of qualified job candidates through Job Interview Magic 2.0. You get the best talent knocking on your door that have been “interviewed and screened” and excited to take your company to the next level.

When you convert your standard paper resume to a professional Web 2.0 HTML Organic Resume, you will help us fulfill our Mission to our favorite charity, Clean Water for Haiti (CWH), a 501(c)3 organization that works miracles on the impoverished island of Haiti to prevent the spread of cholera and ease the struggle of the Haitian people by providing access to clean drinking water. “Learn About Our Mission“.

For questions and support, please email: hypnoticresumes@yahoo.com.

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