Lyft Stardate 94974.71 On-Demand Cars and Healthcare – The Paradigm Shift

FORT LAUDERDALE – Lyft has partnered with Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Get ready for a huge paradigm shift with the elderly, disabled and the poor having greater access the Healthcare Management System and a nice little boost in volume for Lyft Drivers. This partnership is huge and it’s bound to take driver satisfaction and retention to new heights.

Each year, the Uber and Lyft on-demand transportation platforms migrate deeper and deeper into the web of our everyday lives. We see it happening with the emergence of UberEats (for only a $4.99 delivery fee and the standard Uber rates, you can enjoy Pad Thai at Thai Spice) and Instacart.  Best of all, these partnerships will foster an entire industry of 3rd party companies in Silicon Valley and all around the world to offer payment solutions, data integration and so much more.

Lyft will be able to service the elusive so-called “offline” demographic of elderly, disabled and poor patients who don’t have access to a smartphone and allow greater access to managed healthcare services to help people live healthier and happier lives.

In 2016, Uber signed a partnership with Circulation to provide a transportation platform at hospitals and care facilities in Boston, Delaware and Pennsylvania, however this Lyft – BCBS partnership takes the on-demand transportation paradigm shift to a whole new level by building a bridge with 106 million members who depend on Blue Cross and Blue Shield and their 36 affiliated companies.

The initial launch of the program will offer Lyft rides to qualified patients who don’t need the Lyft app and have insurance through their employer, however it could include patients who are covered by BCBS through Medicare Advantage or the Affordable Care Act.

Lyft is now able to elimated the barrier that millions of patients face each year in getting to their healthcare appointments. In a few years and the on-demand transportation industry integrates into the everyday fabric of managed healthcare, patients will no longer endanger their lives and well-being simply for the lack for access to adequate and affordable transportation.

According to Gyre Renwick, Lyft’s head of healthcare partnerships, “We’re trying to remove the barrier for patients to need to have a smart phone”.

It’s important to stress the significance of this deal for Lyft Drivers. The Lyft-BCBS expands our dominion into the “offline” realm where we can expect to see a steady rise in “Scheduled Rides” for elderly, disabled and poor people; more profitable for Lyft Drivers as well because the elderly, disabled and poor live further away from managed healthcare provider hotspots.

When the “Scheduled Ride” feature was first launched a few months ago in the Lyft app, the first group to jump on board and take advantage of the opportunity was small doctors offices, especially people in need of regular dialysis services; these patients often require a visit to their Dialysis Center at least 3 – 4 times a week just to avoid renal failure and stay alive.

Maintaining a high level of security and ensuring that the collaboration is HIPAA compliant is very important to both companies. When we reflect on the Circulation-Uber partnership of 2016, we can see the infrastructure and the framework for HIPAA complaince for the integration between on-demand transportation and managed healthcare being hot wired and put into motion a year ago.

“The Circulation platform is a digital transportation platform that can be integrated with a hospital’s existing information systems. The platform is secure and HIPAA compliant, explained John Brownstein, co-founder of Circulation. The company is a standalone venture that is partnering with Uber to provide, “Uber for healthcare purposes,” Brownstein said.

There are a few insurance plans that were offering taxi vouchers, however bringing patients the convenience of a fast and affordable Lyft ride will significantly eliminate no-shows. Long gone are the days when patients lacked transportation only to jeopardize their life expectancy on the mere virtue of lack of access to structured healthcare management.

This paradigm shift is a major paradigm shift of the on-demand industry and it’s millions of Driver-Partners because it removes the barrier of needing a smartphone to engage with the Lyft and Uber Platforms. The partnership between Lyft and BCBS inks greater acceptance of ridesharing platforms across the board as it saves lives and reduces traffic congestion on America’s roads.

This is the United States of America…millions of people each year should not have to miss their doctor’s appointments simply because they lack adequate transportation.

Lyft Stardate 94940.5 Just Another Day at the Office!

FORT LAUDERDALE – Many people have said that one of the great luxuries of living in the good ‘ol U.S.A is that we get to eat french fries whenever we want to..24 hours a day…7 days a week. That’s great, but ask any fast food worker about that and they will say that french fries are great, until you’re surrounded by it for 10 hours a day! Isn’t the smell of french fries just lovely — try working in a fast food restaurant,  it seeps into every single pore of your body. Good luck trying to get rid of the scent of grease in your pores!

Say hello to Gerald. He works for an upscale Burger Joint in downtown Fort Lauderdale and despite a promotion to Manager and making $30,000 per a year, he is now required to close the store 3 nights a week and complete inventory at least 4 times a week at the end of each shift. In his own words, his promotion to Manager turned into a giant Goose Egg.  He is now making about 35% less money putting in 75 hours a week! There are days that he struggles with complex orders and people dictate to him exactly how much mayonnaise belongs on their burger — he grins and smiles — but the rage builds within! Long gone are the days when he would devour one of the Burgers there in a flash — now his stomach starts turning every time he sees one on the tray!

The fast food business is a “high turnover” industry – catering to the needs of the young with fast, steady employment at the minimum wage level. With the gig economy expanding its reach throughout communities in the United States and the rest of the world, more and more people are gravitating away from their Drive-Thru duties for other ventures.

Gone are the days of wearing a hair net in front of customers who smirk and snicker at the mangled mess on top of your head. So too are the days when kids scream so loudly because their parents won’t buy them a dessert,  and you know deep down inside you just want to lock those kids in the restroom and throw away the key! No more days of fielding stupid food-related questions asked by customers when the entire menu is visible in large pictures above your head.

As skilled production and administrative workers lose their jobs, they have moved into jobs in retail, fast food, home healthcare and childcare. The hourly wages are relatively low and most companies keep their workers on a part-time or quasi-full time basis; just below the limit so they can forego offering benefits like the Family and Medical Leave Act. The reality is that there is nowhere to go.

Few front line sales and cashier workers ever make it to first-line supervisors and what do you really have to look forward to in that position? First-line supervisors of food prep earn a median annual income of just over $29,000 a year and your day will come when repetitive stress injuries will catch up to you from your days of the flipping burgers and chucking those frozen fries into the deep fryer!

A fast food worker once told me that working in fast food sometimes felt like she was a hamster running around on a very tight wheel with nowhere to go. She had a great work ethic and her Manager always had her phone on blast with weird requests, “Ah…say….so and so didn’t come into today….say….you think you can cover her shift from 12 – 9”.

It’s hard to put on a happy front for your customers to mask the drudgery when you know your 8-hour shift is going to turn into 10 – 11 hours because “so and so” called out. Oh, and you got some snitches on your job. You thought the snitches were only in your family…wait till you start working at a fast food restaurant. Co-workers in your favorite fast food restaurant are some of the most sneaky snitches you’ll ever meet in your Life. No need to wait for your next family reunion- WUT!

Please watch this funny video clip, “Confessions of A Fast Food Worker”  by IamNOTaNarcissist TC (please subscribe to her YouTube channel)  for some “scary” confessions from a fast food worker:

Your Manager told you to take a break when Billy gets back…but Billy never came back….he turned in his apron and told everyone he quit (“in not so nice words”). When you’re tired and you just want to go home, someone in the drive-thru comes up with the most complicated order and the stress builds..especially when you’re at the tipping point of quitting because you have been in this cramped space with hot and heavy objects for the last seven hours and now you realize why you’re still single…and most likely will stay that way for a LONG time (if you work in this industry).

Go to college, my parents said. Make something of yourself.  With a degree in Latin American Studies and a minor in Liberal Arts with bills to pay and massive student loan debt out the wazoo with mountains of interest piling on top of itself, you just found yourself in the food and beverage industry with nowhere to go! According to the National Restaurant Association, 10 percent (“1 in 10”) of the workforce in the U.S. work in the food service industry! That’s a lot of drudgery!

New Year? Bank holidays? Weekends? Fast food stops for nobody! If you work in the fast food industry or home healthcare, you should take a look at your options. While many people scorn the gig economy, it’s here to stay. Make it work for you!

So if you work in the fast food industry and an order comes through for a box of 20 chicken nuggets at 12 midnight and it’s almost the end of your shift and there are only 15 left — ask yourself, “Is this all there is for me?”

Please watch this funny video clip, “Things That Annoy Fast Food Workers” by Samantha Kim (please subscribe to her YouTube channel) to understand why you should try your best to always meet fast food workers half-way when you pull up to the drive thru window:

Companies like Uber, Lyft, Postmates, Instacart and Delivery Dudes — innovators of the Gig Economy are going to continue pushing forward with smartphone innovations to add more value to peoples’ lives while creating income opportunities for more and more people just like you.

So the next time you question your Life when a bunch of kids start screaming in your face or the customer is talking way too far from the microphone and they park way too far from the Drive Thru Window to give them their order as if you are “Mister Fantastic” from Marvel’s Fantastic Four, ask yourself, “Is this all there is for me?”.

Maybe not — but you will never know until to take a look at all of the options on the table. It does get better!

Lyft Stardate 94912.3 My Review of the Lyft Amp and Rider Interaction!

FORT LAUDERDALE – Lyft was proud to announce a large capital investment of $600 Million by KKR as they work towards building their infrastructure and continue to expand into hundreds of new cities in the United States. One of their most recent upgrades to the Lyft App which highlights their never-ending pursuit for innovation is the Lyft Amp.

The Lyft Amp is a stand-alone unit that sits on the Lyft Driver’s Dashboard (magnetic stand) and syncs with your smartphone via Bluetooth. It holds a charge for about 8 hours and pairs with your phone very quickly to allow riders to spot their Lyft driver as far away as 50 – 100 feet with a color-coded matching system. The rider is able to quickly “match” the Lyft Amp designated color in their current request as the Lyft Driver vehicle approaches, hence offering one more layer of transparency to their ridesharing experience, especially at night at busy intersections and in large crowds (i.e. concerts).

Many riders have noticed their name scrolling as they get seated in the car and they love the extra attention to detail which builds upon the sense of loyalty in the Lyft Community. The Lyft Amp is just one, among many other upgrades to the Lyft App yet to be announced to add an extra layers of transparency and safety to the Lyft ridesharing experience!

This recent cash infusion still puts Lyft well behind their rival, Uber with only a $7.5 Billion valuation when compared to Uber’s estimated $68 Billion valuation, however, in light of Uber’s recent string of public relation bundles that have haunted Uber in recent months, Lyft has reportedly gains a quick 8% – 10% boost in total marketshare from the events leading up to the unfortunate #DeleteUber social media movement.

While Lyft’s operation still focuses on building market share in the United States with its recent expansion to over 119 cities, Uber retains the Top Dog position in the ridesharing industry despite losing steam on the development and the launch of their autonomous vehicles across the country. Autonomous vehicles will eventually make it to the ridesharing marketplace. Most experts in the industry believe that the battleground between Uber and Lyft is poised to occur primarily in smartphone technology space as the technology, social media and on-demand services get more intertwined into our everyday lives.

How to Use the Power of the Focus Wheel to Earn $900 a week with Lyft.

The Lyft Amp effectively adds brand recognition for Lyft and each Lyft App update will allow Lyft to position itself for even more innovation and value-added transparency which is incredibly exciting for Lyft Drivers as it ultimately will translate into more revenue-building opportunities (i.e. multiple stops “Stop 1” and “Stop 2” and Ride Scheduling up to 7 days in advance, etc.) for Lyft Drivers plus new and exciting opportunities to earn more Tips-in-the-App from upcoming value-added incentives which will entice riders to make the switch to Lyft to arrange their ridesharing experience.

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Job Ninja 2.0 Stardate 94877.33 Five Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Job Hunting!

FORT LAUDERDALE – With the high rate of underemployment and so many employees enduring discontent and stress with their current position, it doesn’t come at a surprise that so many job candidates are now trying to get their foot in the door and get hired — somewhere else!

Here are five common mistakes you should avoid when job hunting:

1. If you are going for a job interview, try to avoid calling the employer at least 1 hour ahead of time or showing up way too early for your job interview. You are dishonoring your Interviewer’s Schedule by either showing up way too early or calling an hour ahead of time. Yes, your Job Interview is the main priority for you that morning, but your interviewer is more than likely to sit down with at least 7 – 10 other candidates that morning and you need to honor the inherent limitations of his or her schedule.

2. Try to leave the water under bridge when leaving your last job and at all costs, do not burn any bridges with the raging flames of gossip. Avoid criticism and negativity at your previous position because you don’t want to end up with the short end of the stick if you ever have to reach out to someone there for a reference.

3. If you are facing underemployment and you are serious about getting your foot in the door at your Dream Employer, you should network with the right people, as much as possible! So many prospective job candidates fail to stay motivated during their job search campaign and you must build your network of prospective employers on a daily basis. Make it a point to search LinkedIn and Twitter every day. Stay in the know. Make it is a point to increase your prospective employer network by at least 4 – 5 fresh contacts each and every day during your job search campaign!

4. More and more companies are beginning to appreciate job candidates who forego a higher salary for a more fulfilling career aligned with their True Life Purpose. How does your job search campaign align with your True Life Purpose and your Career Development Goals? While it is okay to pursue a higher salary, especially when you are underemployed, your prospective employer needs to embrace Authentic Enthusiasm in your job interview and it can only come about through authentic alignment with your True Life Purpose. Your enthusiasm for your job search campaign will come across in your cover letter and resume and it is highly contagious! Employers and hiring managers will be able to quickly pick up on its True Authenticity and try to help you in your Life Mission!

5. Stop the Insanity when it comes underselling yourself. Too many times, job candidates sell themselves short for the sake of conformity and feel way too intimidated to showcase their skills and qualifications during a job interview. If you don’t toot your own horn, no one else will! You can still be humble and showcase your attributes. When you speak about your successes at previous jobs with True Authenticity, you are speaking from a place of True Gratitude. Don’t succumb to the interviewer’s pressure tactics and allow them to you dictate the flow of the interview. As discussed in the Job Interview Magic Portal, you can share control of the interview by Asking the Right Questions at the Right Time which offer great segues for you to shine in your interview without sacrificing humility. Being able to ask the right questions at the right time allows job candidates to communicate their achievements to the prospective employer without sacrificing humility and being super-proactive all at once! Learning how to inspire the Interviewer can be difficult, but with enough practice at asking the right questions at the right time during a Job Interview, you can avoid the common track many job candidates take of sounding egotistical and brash. When you ask the Right Questions During Your Job Interview, you are cleverly giving the forum back to the Interviewer to help them feel good about themselves and that is one of the best ways to be liked. You can still be authentic by asking the Interviewer about how they got to be so successful at the company and remain in control of the Interview! Step out of your Comfort Zone and be authentic when trying to appeal to the Interviewer “as a person”. It will pay off as likability which is often a huge motivator for people to hire other people!

In closing (and you should always think about how to close the deal from the minute you sit down with the Interviewer), seek to build an authentic rapport with the Interviewer or Hiring Manager. Likability is a huge motivator when hiring people, and you can make the Interviewer or Hiring Manager feel good about themselves through authentic flattery by asking the Right Questions at the Right Time! Avoid bringing a lot of Stress into the Job Interview and buying into projections of scarcity. If you see your Job Interview as an “privileged networking and advice session on how to be successful” and ask the Right Questions at the Right Time, the Interviewer or Hiring Manager will foster a obligatory sense of responsibility to guide you towards fulfillment in your Career by offering final anecdotes for attracting Career Success or even better – making a Job Offer!

Lyft Stardate 94846.62 Lyft’s Round Up and Donate Program is Pushing the Envelope!

FORT LAUDERDALE – Lyft is taking ridesharing into a new realm of transparency and solidifying a firm position in the hearts and minds of its loyal riders while gaining ground on its chief rival, Uber with a new program set to launch called, Round Up and Donate.

With scheduling of rides up to 7 days in advance, simple multiple stop interfacing with driver navigation and their In-App Tip feature which has allocated over $200 MILLION to its drivers since inception, Lyft is on the right path for huge commercial success and poised to overtake Uber as the leading ridesharing company in the United States very soon.

According, Lyft’s new Round Up and Donate is a step in the right direction, “Lyft is looking at one of its biggest potential opportunities to make up some ground on its rival Uber, given the latter company’s ongoing and worsening PR crisis. So it makes sense that Lyft would go even further in the opposite direction, with a new program that lets riders top off their fare to the nearest dollar, and donate the difference to one of a group of selected charities.”

Imagine in the near future being able to round up your fare and donate some spare change via the Lyft app to a needy charity. The future is here. Round Up and Donate will be a well-positioned PR in-app feature that will acquire and secure the hearts and minds of his loyal riders by building an dedicated infrastructure for charitable donation and gifting.

According to, “Round Up & Donate will launch in the coming weeks, most likely with a single organization that can receive donations, Lyft executives said. The company expects to gradually expand the program and highlight local community organizations.”

A non-profit ridesharing program spawned out of necessity when strict regulations forced Uber and Lyft out of the city of Austin, Texas called RideAustin also has a similar program where riders are able to donate to charity!

Uber is going to have to figure out a way to regain leverage in the ridesharing marketplace very soon as it continues to market share to social media campaigns like #DeleteUber ignited by a sleuth of public relations mishaps ranging from sexual harassment at Uber HQ to the Uber CEO verbally mistreating one of his Driver-Partners on Live Dashcam. believes that Lyft is looking to bring people together and brand itself as a collaborator of minds and hearts while positioning itself as a values-driven company, “Lyft drew attention for promising to donate $1 million to the American Civil Liberties Union in January, right after President Donald Trump signed his first Muslim travel ban.”

Bringing people together and creating memorable experiences seems to weigh heavily on the agenda of Lyft’s Management as it shows to the world that it is a values-driven company focused on innovative ways to benefit riders, drivers and the communities they serve.

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