COLLAB – Utility Assistance for the Unemployed.

COLLAB - Utility Assistance for the Unemployed.As a job placement partner with small and mid-size companies, we need to find the best talent to fill various positions with our clients. We understand that economic hardships can limit a job candidate’s ability to find stable employment. In partnership with various public and private organizations, we are available to offer assistance to a limited number of job candidates each month who are struggling to pay for their FPL utility bill. We have developed a Micro Fund Initiative called COLLAB in collaboration with AMSCOT for making direct payments on behalf of our job candidates to pay their FPL utility bills on a short-term basis while in transition to their new job.  Terms and Conditions Apply. For those who qualify, COLLAB makes direct payments to FPL (non-disconnected accounts only) for the job candidates expressing the greatest need for assistance. The goal of this corporate initiative is to set aside 7.75% of our net profits to reinvest in this community assistance program to assist at-risk job candidates with short-term utility and transportation assistance. This is a short-term assistance program with a limited number of monthly payments for job candidates.

Terms and Conditions Apply:

Step 1: Apply for unemployment benefits with the State of Florida. Applying for benefits will establish that you really are unemployed. Proof of unemployment is necessary for receiving assistance with your utility bill. You must be a resident of the Tri-County area (Miami-Dade/Broward/Palm Beach).

Step 2: The utility bill must be under $100 per a month and in the “name of the job candidate” as it appears on his or her Social Security card.

Step 3: Job candidate must demonstrate economic hardship in a one-page letter to become eligible for a direct payment of their FPL utility bill via AMSCOT. One direct payment per a household.

As COLLAB expands with increased funding, we will be able to increase the limited number of payments each month on behalf of the registered job candidates with Job Ninja. Your one-page Letter of Economic Hardship will grant you one-on-one assistance with your online job search and special training on how to use our online job interview training workshop, Job Interview Magic 2.0 to get ready for job interviews. Our goal at Job Ninja is to help you find a job fast by submitting your resume to our advisory service and then offer you on-demand transportation assistance to help you get to your job interviews and secure employment. COLLAB was designed as a community outreach program to break the cycle of poverty that limits the career potential of so many job candidates living below the poverty line.

On 7/3/2017, we expanded COLLAB to a limited number of our registered job candidates facing economic hardship to receive transportation assistance through Lyft to designated job interviews and upon being hired with our clients, they receive a 30-Day BCT Pass to offset any hardship to get to work on time and secure their first set of paychecks.

Thanks to a generous sponsor, we have acquired a limited number of BCT Passes from the Check Cashing Store to expand the COLLAB Program and offer this transportation option for job candidates facing economic hardship. At this time, until further notice, transportation assistance is limited to residents of Broward County, Florida.

COLLAB is a Micro Fund Initiative developed to assist socio-economically disadvantaged job candidates lift themselves out of poverty and achieve their Dreams of starting a new career. Many job candidates face extreme hardships during the job search and must make a choice between providing food for their families or keeping the utilities “ON”.

Transportation shouldn’t be a limitation if you are a job candidate with the qualifications to earn a good living but face obstacles securing to a new job.

With the help of corporate sponsors and partners in the industry, COLLAB can make a dent in the cycle of poverty and help elevate well-deserving job candidates into a new, higher-paying career for a bright future.

Let’s break the cycle of poverty that limits people from achieving their Dreams.

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