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A blog means that you are viewed as an “authority” in your field or niche which adds tremendous credibility for posting your articles to all of the major social media networks and getting advertising on Facebook and Twitter.

So many people want health alternatives to pesticides and chemical additives in their fruits and vegetables. If you have a passion for the Health and Wellness niche and you are interested in starting a business in the Essential Oil sector, we invite you to learn more about monetizing your new blog with 100% resale rights of “Sharen Scents Naturals – Aromatic Lavender Mist”. 

If you have an inclination for “organic” Health and Wellness, start a blog and explore your passion for writing. You can post photos of your work, even upload an online portfolio in a Macromedia Flash Gallery. Podcast and post videos on YouTube. The possibilities are endless. You can instantly monetize it with “Sharen Scents Naturals – Aromatic Lavender Mist”, our tests prove it kills dust mites and demodex mites and their eggs.

With enough traffic you might be offered guest editor spots on popular blogs in the Health and Wellness niche which will award you with a lot of notoriety in the organic herbal field and perhaps a guest appearance on a national TV talk show. The Health and Wellness niche is one of the most popular niches on the Internet today.

If you want free organic traffic to your lead capture page, think smart. It’s time to start a blog. We will help you do some keyword competitive analysis and help you choose a cool domain name and get your blog up and running fast. You can still compete with the major players in the Google rankings…if you up your game.

If your primary goal is to get TRAFFIC, as it should be for any small business website, you need to publish fresh content to capture (and retain) your email subscribers. They are hungry for great, value-added articles. In time, you’ll get more traffic from social media sharing and generate more sales for your business as your blog posts and articles migrate throughout the digital landscape called the World Wide Web.

Organic Blog Design Package for $495

The first step is to place your order now for the Organic Blog Design Package for only $495. We will work with you to select the best domain name for your blog. We can start creating a great looking WordPress blog and install plugins and widgets. No contract required. Plugins and widgets give you additional functionality such as Facebook and Twitter sharing, etc.. Even if you don’t like writing blog posts and articles, that’s okay too…we can help you build up your blog and create each blog post and article for submission to Facebook and Google. Blog maintenance is important to get and retain email subscribers and keep them coming. Your Facebook fans and email subscribers are hungry for new and original content which works great for engagement and user retention.

Your new blog will function like a trade journal for your niche business or industry where the editors (“owners”) are viewed as “trustworthy experts” in their respective field.  A blog is the perfect brand recognition tool that engages your client base with educational training and inspiration with each new article or blog post. You can write an article every day or once a week. You have 100% creative control.

We have a talent team of graphic designers and Web Designers. Give us about 30 days or less and you will start to see a neat little blog of your own come to life that you can build on with new blog posts and submit to Google for indexing to get traffic and express your passion or talent. If you like the look and feel of Job Ninja’s (“Organic Resume”), we can help you get started with your own Organic blog. If you like to write and keep a journal or dreamed of one day self-publishing a novel, a blog is the perfect tool for success. You can develop your content over time at your own pace and harness the power of social media channels like Facebook and Twitter to get new email subscribers and fans!

There is really no limit to your potential with a blog. So, do you have a passion? Are you planning to write a book and get it published? Let’s get started.  You will get the tools you need and great design themes that are 100% mobile smartphone friendly right out of the box!

Once you get started with building your blog, we will show you how to drive TRAFFIC to your site to get email subscribers and build the value of your list. The Money is in the list.  That’s the actual value to the email list owner for generating revenue month after month with new business opportunity offers. As your email list grows and you optimize the traffic sources to increase the quality of your list and the conversion ratio of email click to sales, you’ll find that the value of your Internet business will escalate very quickly.

The Internet is ripe with opportunities! Start blogging….

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NOTE: Our Organic Blog service is designed for those entrepreneurs who have always had an interest in the Health and Wellness sector which is booming with great opportunities! With our service, you will also receive 100% resale rights to our signature essential oil blend, “Sharen Scents Naturals – Aromatic Lavender Mist”. You are free to charge a fair value of $59 to your customers and you simply submit $4.95 per an order to drop ship directly to them.

You get 100% copyright use of our amazing webpage promoting our signature blend and we will re-configure all of the Amazon Affiliate links on the webpage so you earn 100% profit on all resale of “Sharen Scents Naturals – Aromatic Lavender Mist” plus Amazon Affiliate commission. You simply pay $495 to get your new Health and Wellness blog up and running including the 100% resale rights to “Sharen Scents Naturals – Aromatic Lavender Mist” with your new domain pre-configured for ecommerce and you can start sharing your new domain name with your friends on Facebook and Twitter and start earning 100% profits on each sale of “Sharen Scents Naturals – Aromatic Lavender Mist”. Plus you can set up an Amazon Affiliate account and earn commission on each recommended product on our “Free Training – Organic Essential Oils” Sales Letter Webpage.

So, let’s say, your blog is up and running in the next 14 days and we have configured your blog to look similar to Job Ninja 2.0 and you share your new domain with your friends. When they order “Sharen Scents Naturals – Aromatic Lavender Mist”, you earn 100% profit on each sale. So when you make a sale of $59 for each 4 oz. bottle with a $4.95 shipping and handling fee, we will drop ship directly to your customer. You keep 100% of the profits. You could easily get 3 – 4 orders on Facebook and Instagram per a week.

All 100% profit =>

It’s never been a better time to build a Health and Wellness blog where you can discuss your own health discoveries and journey with holistic medicine. Whether it be your love of organic food, growing herbs in your backyard or experimenting with your own personal blends of essential oils to cure ailments or solve household problems, it’s a great time to start blogging and building your group of followers.

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