If you’re looking for a fresh, new way to reach new customers and get a never-ending supply of Exclusive Phone Interviewed prospects for your business, then you should learn about the eTraffic Leads System (ELS).

We are a Leads Calling Service. We call hundreds of leads each week and convert them into Prospects.

Let a Professional call your leads for you! Let’s us show you how to build your opt-in list with new prospects.

We provide guaranteed email signups for your websites or links you promote.  Watch your network grow as they also refer.  We only send people interested in your product or service. To stay in business, you need to deliver results consistently so we guarantee email signups for your program’s marketing funnel and jump start the flow of never-ending prospects on autopilot. No spam or bot traffic. We are professional telesales agents. We call your leads for you using our “Three-Phase Script” and deliver Exclusive Phone Interviewed Prospects to you. The goal of our leads calling service is to generate the highest quality Exclusive Phone Interviewed Prospects for your product or service.

It’s like having a trained Telesales Agent pitching your product or service to hundreds of leads around the clock 24/7 and you get to hand pick the best prospects to follow up and get the sale. Many small business owners simply don’t have the time to cold-call their leads. We take away any frustration and anxiety of cold calling and deliver results. You get a sure-fire way to build your network and grow your business fast.

We contact your leads for you and generate exclusive Phone Interviewed Prospects for you; we call your leads and once they express interest in your type of product or service, we inform them to go to your website’s landing page or blog and register for your email marketing funnel. Our goal is to help you grow your mailing list fast with the most powerful marketing method available: the eTraffic Leads System.

Here are just a few of the ideal applications of the eTraffic Leads System:

  1. If you are looking to brand your product or service and gain national media attention to develop franchising and distribution opportunities, then the eTraffic Leads System and it’s one-on-one consultation platform is the perfect fit for your business.
  2. Are you an inventor? We raise money for several non-profit organizations and if you’re looking to raise $50,000 – $100,000 or more to fund a product idea with the development of a patent and design, we can build a prospect list unique to your invention to help you acquire private investors.
  3. Are you funding a non-profit organization? We can help you raise thousands of dollars for your non-profit organization with the eTraffic Leads System. We have worked with charities in the past and organizations that needed to raise funds for projects (i.e. Breast Cancer Awareness, PETA, etc.).

Most business owners agree that the value of branding and nurturing the Lifetime Value of the prospect and the customer is critical to the success of their business plan. The development of great Lifetime Customers can transform their business from a small operation into a multi-million dollar organization.

The eTraffic Leads System will help you save thousands of dollars over other Internet marketing programs from Day One. In many cases, we can guarantee a higher conversion rate, lower prospect acquisition costs and higher value of your Lifetime Customer with 100% exclusivity. We have worked for a variety of clients ranging from online colleges, anti-aging clinics and insurance brokers.

According to Neil Patel, one of the top Internet Marketing experts and a self-made millionaire, “the average business earns $2 revenue for every $1 spent on advertising with Google Adwords and PPC (Pay-per-Click) is 56% more profitable than social media with an estimate ROI of 44%.” Some companies spend over $10,000 per month to buy clicks from Google. They are satisfied with a 2% conversion because they can make a small profit.  When done correctly, the eTraffic Leads Systems can double or triple the conversion of PPC advertising for less than half the cost and offer the client a higher profit per a prospect with greater upsell potentiality for each prospect (“ability to upsell over and over again over the lifetime of your business”).

As the cost of CPC (Cost-Per-Click) advertising continues to rise, small business owners are finding it harder and harder to compete with the major SEO players. Clients are looking for a practical alternative to paying the average of $3.35 per a click with Google Adwords. The competition for those coveted First Page PPC top spots has escalated. Some Fortune 1000 companies in finance, insurance and education are paying $50 or more per a click. They can afford to pay high PPC costs because the average lifetime value of a single customer to their business is very high. Most marketers know that Google manipulates the bidding with their Quality Score System and increases the cost per a click rate every year thereby making the competition for First Page PPC very intense. It explains their monumental earnings in 2015: $37.5 Billion revenue with 96% of their revenue came from advertising. Google is expected to see their CPC rates rise by as much as 15% – 20% in 2018 and their revenue is projected to reach $45.6 Billion with 80% market share of the search advertising market by the end of 2019. While CPC costs continue to rise, many marketers are wondering just how long they can maintain their business by spending $125 or more per a prospect with a dismal 2.5% CVR. If you’re working with PPC Campaigns and you’re on a tight marketing budget, get ready for a bumpy ride with your PPC campaigns.

It’s time to get back to basics with eTraffic. The eTraffic Leads System is unique because we take 500 leads and our team starts prospecting the 500 leads one-by-one to convert 50 or more Premium Exclusive Phone Interviewed Prospects over 25 hours of calling time; your campaign comes preset at this “minimum” to ensure the Guaranteed Minimum Number of Prospects. It’s not uncommon for us to secure 60 or more Phone Interviewed Prospects for a 500 lead campaign which means your ROI (Return on Investment) is higher and your lead acquisition cost drops significantly. We are able to achieve a higher conversion ratio of 1:10. We rely on our trustworthy “Three Phase Script” because its mechanics are well-suited for prospecting leads and converting them into sales.

Upon receiving your payment, we will study your offer, sort the leads by time zones and start calling each lead on your list to consult and direct them to your website’s landing page to learn more about your product or service. Our goal is to acquire 50 or more Exclusive Phone Interviewed Prospects for your business with 25 hours of calling time. If it takes us more time to acquire your Guaranteed Minimum Prospects, you don’t pay a dime extra. Some phone consultations can last one hour or more, especially for complicated business opportunity models and high-quality Prospects who are engaged in your offer with us, however we usually average 25 – 35 minutes per a prospect.

Your Prospects will NEVER be resold, 100% Exclusivity Guaranteed. 

We guarantee 100% Exclusivity for each Prospect we generate for your business. These are 100% Premium Prospects that we develop and nurture for your company and they are locked in as “100% Lifetime Exclusive” per each client. We invest time and energy into calling your leads to guarantee 100% Exclusivity each and every time, guaranteed. Reselling of prospects compromises the quality of the lifetime value of the potential customer to your business and our goal is to earn your repeat business to keep a never-ending supply of Interviewed Prospects flowing into your marketing funnel.

Once your script is approved, we go to work.

Let a Professional Call Your Leads for You. You will be able to instantly take advantage of our years of experience in the “trenches” of large call centers pitching offers such as high-speed Cox Internet Service in Orange County, California to online college enrollment advise for high school graduates to MLM vitamin distributorships.

With your payment, you get 25 hours of calling time assigned to your eTraffic Leads Campaign to generate your Guaranteed Minimum of 50 Exclusive Phone Interviewed Prospects.  We usually add 50 – 75 extra leads at no additional charge to ensure that we hit the Guaranteed Minimum Number of Real-Time Phone Interviewed Prospects delivered to our clients. No monthly recurring charges or long-term contracts with ridiculous setup fees…just a Guaranteed Minimum of Exclusive Phone Interviewed Prospects.  If we need to acquire more leads to meet the minimum Quota. No Problem!  We have generated thousands of prospects using our “Three Phase Script” (*enlarge* screenshot).  

Our Five-Star Script has been proven to be effective for thousands of prospects. Go with a Winner!

The basic mechanics of our “Three Phase Script” produces great results. It integrates standard call center protocol and practices for FTC compliance while employing the latest call center strategies to keep leads engaged and ready to take action and go to your website to complete the email signup form to get more information about your product or service.  Our goal is to produce results. No sales guarantees. You get Exclusive Phone Interviewed Prospects for your business with an option for an ongoing supply month after month, if you’re satisfied with our eTraffic Leads System.

You get the Exclusive Phone Interviewed Prospects that said “Yes!” to getting more information about your product or service and our staff will redirect each prospect to your website’s landing page to sign up for your email mailing list and provide you with the full list of 50 Exclusive Phone Interviewed Prospects (name, address, phone number, email address, IP-stamp) at the end of your eTraffic Leads Campaign. This type of Exclusive Phone Interviewed Prospect Source offers the “absolute freshest type” of prospects in the shortest period of time with the most flexibility to mold and suit the script to the current needs of marketing your product or service online.   You’ll be able to instantly take advantage of our team’s call center experience and years spent managing large admission teams of phone counselors. No contract necessary. Paypal accepted (most debit/credit cards accepted). Your eTraffic Leads Campaign usually start in 24 – 48 hours upon receipt of payment, however if we have to integrate any special directives prior to starting your eTraffic Leads Campaign, then we take the time to listen to your specific requests before we start your eTraffic Leads Campaign. Please give us time to study your offer and wrap our brains around the “pitch” to convert your leads into prospects and get them to your website so that they can learn more about your product or service.

We strive hard to achieve the Guaranteed Minimum or to exceed it for your Exclusive Phone Interviewed Prospects Campaign. We aim high! We would prefer to work a little harder to “over-deliver” and earn your repeat business and build on a long-term relationship while helping you grow your business.

We will start calling your leads for you and guarantee you a minimum number of Exclusive Phone Interviewed Prospects for your business.

Oh, wait…there’s more…

Step Two (“U.S. Mail Follow-up”): We will mail 100 First Class #10 Mailers with a powerful 1-Page Sales Letter to each of your 50 Exclusive Interviewed Prospects (“twice”) over the course of the first 15 days to maximize sales conversions for your product or service.

You are more likely to convert your Exclusive Phone Interviewed Prospects into sales if you give your fresh prospects something “tangible” to hold and read shortly after learning about your offer within the first 15 days. In previous campaigns for online colleges, we mailed a fancy color brochure to get prospects to go to the college website and pay their $55 enrollment fee. A mailer adds an element of credibility that can’t be matched by any other follow up method – even email. We highly recommend that you engage with your fresh prospects to maximize sales and their upsell potential.

The ideal situation is for your email marketing funnel (i.e. Aweber or GetResponse autoresponder) to follow up by email with your prospects over the course of the first 15 days while your 1-page Sales Letter is en route by U.S. First Class Postal Mail….”once” by Day 7 and then lastly by Day 15. The sales letter is crucial to your success – “it brings your fresh Prospects back into the loop and re-engaged with your offer”.

As you know, email marketing can be very unpredictable. It’s hard to know if the intended recipient actually receives your email and reviewed your offer or it went into the Spam Folder. Your 100+ mailers ensures that all bases are covered. Your fresh prospects need to be nurtured to convert them into sales.

Nothing is more powerful than a powerful 1-page Sales Letter with a great Headline. We normally charge $395 just to write a sales letter for our clients, however you’ll be able to take advantage of our Master Copywriter Service at no additional charge with your eTraffic Leads Campaign order starting today. We will write a powerful 1-page Sales Letter and mail it to your fresh Exclusive Phone Interviewed Prospects. We developed this program from our own Split A/B Marketing Tests and found great success.

Here’s what Ian had to say about our eTraffic Leads System and how it worked for him:

The eTraffic Leads System gives you an extra layer of transparency and for this reason, it’s ranked as the #1 Direct Marketing Lead Generator for small business. It’s targeted, direct and dynamic and easy to mold to suit your offer and “scalable” in real-time with private one-on-one consultations with your Phone Interviewed Prospects. These basic elements of phone consultations outpace all other marketing methods – even SEO (Search Engine Optimization — “you have to wait too long for results”, solo ads — “lists get saturated fast with high turnover rate of subscribers who get 10 or more offers a day” and social media — “considered to be the lowest laying fruit with hit-or-miss conversion ratios and highly unpredictable” . Simply put, your eTraffic Leads Campaign injects value into the potential Lifetime Value of your Prospect that no other marketing method can achieve with the same level of transparency and scalability. It’s the type of attention to detail you need to grow your business.

When you start a eTraffic Leads campaign, it’s important to gauge the value in $revenue for a Lifetime Customer for your business. For some companies in Finance and Education, a new prospect could translate into $30,000 in revenue in the first 90 days of joining their organization. The level of integrity of our fresh Interviewed Prospects plus the 100% Lifetime Exclusivity Factor ensures that you get the most bang for your marketing dollar. If our team spends 25 hours promoting your product or service by phone to acquire 50 great Interviewed Prospects, we hope that you at least “double” your money in 90 days. We can never make any sales guarantees, but rest assured each and every Exclusive Phone Interviewed Prospect that we redirect to your website’s landing page is 100% interested in getting more information about your product or service.

Hey, ask yourself, “Can I double my money if I invest $997 in 50 high-quality Exclusive Phone Interviewed Prospects in the next 90 days or less?”. If you answered no, then perhaps a PPC “$3.35 a Click Campaign” is more suitable for your needs. If you answered, “yes”, then you should sign up for eTraffic today.

We have used “similar” marketing mechanics to generate thousands of enrollment prospects for online colleges in Florida and Georgia since 2006. A typical college admissions prospect can translate into a profit of over $45,000 – $50,000 in two years. Many colleges are willing to spend $250 – $350 per a prospect for 100% exclusive rights to the prospect.  College admissions is one of the most competitive sales industries in the United States. Our call center strategies have turned a small school with a few students into a $100 Million “15,000 student” University.

This is a great opportunity for you to lock in a huge discount from the regular cost of $1,995 for 25 hours of calling time to work on 500 or more general business opportunity leads to convert into a minimum of 50 exclusive high-quality Interviewed Prospects for your product or service. This is a limited time offer so take advantage of 50% instant savings with your one-time fee of $997. This limited time offer is subject to change with notice, so you must act now! Once this 50% off opportunity is gone, it may never be repeated.

Your eTraffic Leads Campaign includes 50 Guaranteed Real-Time Prospects with a guaranteed minimum of 25 hours calling time plus follow up with 100 1st Class #10 U.S. Mailers with your powerful one-page Sales Letter all for only $997. We work hard to get results.

Your Success is our Business.

Perhaps in a month or two, you will come back to us and you will want us to ramp up our efforts and guarantee you 100 or 200 fresh Phone Interviewed Prospects for your business each and every month. Our system is scalable and we aim to “deliver great results” for our clients.

As you can see, the conversion ratio for a typical call center is right at about 1:10, which is a ball park average with most call centers across the United States. We accelerate the conversion ratio of lead to high-quality Interviewed Prospect with a solid “follow-up” system. Some marketers do an outstanding job converting leads into prospects….then drop the ball in first 7 days and they fail to “nurture” the prospect. To maximize your prospects potential to purchase your product or service, you must nurture your prospects in the first 7 days. This marketing sales funnel is the golden rule for the top 1% selling online….

Matt, a client from 2016 sent us a testimonial and shared his success with the eTraffic Leads System:

Follow up will be the key to your success in the next 7 days.  When it comes to making sales on the Internet, the answer is simple — promote, promote, promote. Tap into the power of the eTraffic Leads System with follow-up direct mail marketing with a powerful 1-page sales letter to your Exclusive Phone Interviewed Leads. You will get a Guaranteed Minimum Number of Fresh Prospects from eTraffic.

Ted Turner’s famous quote is, “Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise”. We have already discounted the price of the eTraffic Leads System by over 50% in the past six months to make it as affordable as possible for small business owners, so the only thing left for you to do is to get started and place your order for our “Guaranteed Minimum Prospects” eTraffic Leads and Prospecting System.

Remember, without advertising, nothing is going to happen.

Let a Professional Call Your Leads For Only $997.