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FORT LAUDERDALE – When was the last time you cleaned the carpets in your car and your home? I mean really clean them! If you have pets, please pay close attention: “You may be breathing dead dust mite body parts and fecal droppings buried in your Carpets and your Mattress and not even know it”. It’s time for you to get serious about bugs that could be living in your home.

Why have a home alarm system, when danger lies within!

Hi, there – this is Wade, your Aromatherapist reporting – my “mitey” journey all started one day after watching the 11 ‘o clock TV News on our local CBS 4 Miami when I realized that vacuuming was simply not enough to get rid of dust mites. This CBS 4 Miami newscast really changed my Life.  Until then, I had no idea mites could make me really sick.  I realized that I needed to get really serious about cleaning the carpets in my car and my home because of the severe breathing hazards and dangers of dust mites and Demodex mites. I admit, I made the same mistake many people make thinking that vacuuming was enough. Boy, was I dead wrong! Dust Mites lay thousands of eggs every 30 days and remain attached to beds, linen, furniture and curtains long after they die. It’s when they DIE that they become a serious threat to your health: when you breathe in their fecal dust droppings and dead body parts that get buried deep in your mattress, carpets, rugs and furniture, it can cause asthma, respiratory distress, even acute sinusitis requiring surgery.

You can go without food for a few days, but you will die in minutes without good, clean air!

All healthy animals have some mites and these deadly critters feast on your dander and skin flakes and spread 35 known diseases. Worst of all, eyelash mites are also a serious threat – especially for young children. Stay tuned to learn how you can safely use essential oils to kill off these eight-legged critters.

Dust mites, a relative of the spider (“arachnid”) feed on the dander and the skin that people and pets shed daily and they can become a serious threat to your health. The real danger from dust mites is not from their bites (they don’t bite)…it’s when you come in contact with their fecal pellets (“mite droppings”) and their dead skin that causes severe skin and breathing allergies like asthma and difficulty breathing for many people, especially in warm and humid climates like South Florida. Those itchy skin rashes you see are an allergic skin reaction to dust mite fecal pellets in mattress bed linen. As a result of a previous sinus infection, it was important for me to rid my car of dust mites and clean the air in my car frequently to keep my sinusitis in remission. Good, clean air is critical for preventing sinusitis. You should know that dust mites are repulsed by the scent of natural essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus and cedarwood. Numerous lab studies have shown that pure essential oils repel and kill dust mites and rat mites just as effectively as DEET and other potentially dangerous chemicals used to exterminate bugs.

SCABIES RED ALERT: Scabies mites are serious! Scabies is a contagious skin condition that is caused by the infestation of the human itch mite. These mites burrow under the upper layers of the skin, feeding on blood and lay eggs. The result of the infestation can be devastating, especially for young children as the skin condition starts out slowly and increases in severity over time often resulting in the person staying awake at night from intense itching and irritation. Scabies is the most common of mite infestation of humans. The itching is caused by the body’s reaction to toxic mite secretions and excretions and the resulting characteristic rash resembles tiny blisters. The eggs hatch, rise to the surface of the skin and grow into adult mites. If left untreated, the signs and symptoms can last for months or even years. Scabies mites are so extremely contagious that infested people should sleep separately from other people in the household until treatment is over. As with all medical conditions, your family practice physician and/or dermatologist should be consulted to diagnose this medical condition. An essential oil solution is one of the fastest and most powerful all-natural methods of preventing mite infestation.

Scabies is a highly-contagious disease and this mite (Sarcoptes Scabiei) is one of the most dangerous mites. Scabies spreads easily among young children from sharing infected person’s clothes, towels and bedding. Scabies mites find all kinds of ways to hop from one person to the next. Some infected patients have speculated that they got scabies from the toilet seats at work, which has yet to be proven, however the possibility can’t be ruled out as scabies is spread by direct skin-to-skin touching. It is recommended that you carry a small hand-held atomizer filled with a powerful anti-viral essential oil blend like tea tree, lavender, eucalyptus and clove bud (see properties below) when you use public restrooms.

Take Precautions When Using Public Restrooms: Lightly mist the toilet seat before each use and wipe away any excess solution before each use. You can mist your entire bathroom stall as there are other bugs just lying in wait in public restrooms such as streptococcus, staphylococcus, E. coli and shigella bacteria and hepatitis A virus. As staph infection outbreaks in gyms become more frequent, precautions should be taken. A 18-year high school student died from a lethal staph infection as reported in Avoid Infection at the Gym by The Legal Examiner Newspaper in Tampa, Florida. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact source of the infection, however gyms where athletes have small cuts and bruises, share equipment, towels and use dirty locker rooms are breeding grounds for deadly viruses. MRSA, or methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, is an antibiotic resistant staph bacteria that is worth avoiding.

Thomas Fuller M.D. (1654 – 1734) wrote extensively about the war against Measles and Small pox and once said, “A stitch in time saves nine”. His advice still applies to germ warfare today. It’s better to spend a little time to deal with problems or act right now than wait. If you wait until late, things will get worse.

Just take a look at the typical Toilet Seat at work under Germ-Exposing UV Light. We are at war…

According to Men’s Fitness Magazine, the 7 Grossest Gym Germs and their method of transmission are:

1. HUMAN PAPILLOMAVIRUS – from walking around barefoot in bathrooms and showers.
2. KLEBSIELLA – using shared surfaces–cardio machines, workout mats and weights.
3. E. COLI – it’s possible to catch it from tainted gym surfaces.
4. STAPHYLOCOCCUS AUREUS – use of shared exercise equipment surfaces.
5. CANDIDA – fungus lying in wait in locker rooms, saunas and swimming pools.
6. STREPTOCOCCAL BACTERIA – sweaty exercise equipment, saunas and locker rooms.
7. INFLUENZA – droplets on shared equipment and doorknobs.

Crusted scabies (the appearance of red, raised pimple-like spots on the face and hands) is pretty easy to spot on people at work and these people should be avoided. Please read this unsolicited testimonial from a female patient on WebMD who received treatment for scabies in July, 2014 and the side effects she encountered from using prescribed medications (Ivermectin & Permethrin) to kill the scabies mites:

Ivermectin Oral and Permethrin Cream 5% are two drugs that are commonly prescribed by doctors for the treatment of scabies.  Permethrin Cream 5%, an anti-parasite topical medicated creme is used to treat pediculosis (head lice infestation) and scabies (mite infestation). Some patients reported side effects such as “pin prink feelings in hands and feet” and abdominal pain (read above).

The safety of Ivermectin for pregnant women, lactating mothers and young children has yet to be established.

While Ivermectin and Permethrin 5% Cream have a high success rate among patients, the dead mites, dead eggs and fecal matter from the scabies mites remain in the skin for at least 4 weeks even after successful treatment and remain until your skin grows out; so you can expect the intense itching and discomfort to persist even after treatment and to keep you up at night. Essential oils can repel the mites.

It was Benjamin Franklin who once said, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

There are 48,000 species of mites. A very limited number of them tend to bite. It’s the rat and bird mites that bite and spread 35 different diseases. They infest humans and live under the skin, transmit disease or breed at night when you’re sleeping. The main problem comes from mite droppings and decaying body parts that remain after their short life cycle. Our closed “air conditioned” climate controlled lifestyle basically allows for microscopic mite fecal dust particles to circulate freely throughout the air in our homes – the “dust” particulate matter rests on furniture and bedding and on just about any surface in our homes and gets into our lungs. Essential oils basically work by suffocating the dust mites. Mites absorb air and moisture through pores called sphericals and when they come in direct contact with pure essential oils “plant extracts”, they trigger a danger response mechanism in the mites and the mites close their breathing pores, suffocate and they die.

One of the best ways to minimize dust mite migration is to switch to an Anti-Fungal soap such as Anti-Fungal Foot and Body Wash by Purely Northwest. Fight athletes foot, body odor, ringworm and foot fungus with all-natural antifungal soap with Tea Tree oil, Eucalyptus, Oregano and Peppermint essential oils and give your skin a natural defense shield against dust mites and Demodex mites. You will immediately start to benefit from the skin botanicals in this fresh scent body wash for their natural antifungal, antibacterial and anti-septic properties.

Did you know that physically-active kids are even more prone to these skin rashes and skin irritations? You should wipe down sport equipment with an essential oil solution every day they return home! Dust mites are able to absorb moisture from the air through their pores and their body so they’re attracted to environments where sweat and bacteria from heavy human perspiration is abundant.

The four most common mites are scabies, bird, rodent and house dust mites.

NEWS FLASH:  “Rat Mites Hold Residents Hostage in Brooklyn, New York”. Have you seen the 2015 “Made for TV” MICE Documentary about ten dilapidated buildings in Brooklyn, New York dating back to 1920’s construction? There were large numbers of rats found down in the basements of these “Brokedown Palaces”. As city exterminators eliminated the rat population there, something really terrifying and horrific started to happen. The residents started to get bitten by a massive infestation of rat mites. Basically, when the rats died, the rat mites that fed on their blood and dead skin needed new hosts to feed  (“mites are very cunning parasitic agents”). So, who was next in the food chain? You guessed it,  “Mr. and Mrs. Joshua and Marsha Green” on the 5th floor.

As residents of affected buildings reported severe rat mite bites and itchy skin rashes and inflammation — then came a huge spike in the number of Brooklyn residents with respiratory distress and acute asthma being rushed to Emergency Rooms all across New York City in the middle of the night as the rat mites migrated from the basement all the way to the top floors.

TV Investigators later learned that the landlords were warned by City Inspectors about the rats in the basement for years, paid the fines and DID NOTHING (absolutely “nada”) to protect the residents and their families from the rat mites that caused pain and suffering and a mountain of unpaid medical bills.

……shortly after news of the outbreak spread, the buildings were demolished. The rat mite infestation was too severe to contain. This is a war against an almost invisible enemy. To protect yourself and your family, you must learn their ways and learn how you can defeat them to stand a chance of winning!

“Your Mattress is Ground Zero for Dust Mites”: The first step you need to take to protect you and your family from dust mite infestation is to inspect your Mattress. First, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

“Do your bed sheets get soaked with perspiration?”

“Is your Mattress over 3 years old?”

“Have any animals been allowed near your Mattress?” 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, “your Mattress could be infested with dust mites!”

If you’re concerned about dust mites in your Mattress (as many people should be especially if you live in a humid climate with pets) — buy a box of Baking soda, a sifter and a glass jar with a tight lid and following the steps below to CREATE your very own Dust Mite free zone in your bedroom. Ground zero for dust mite infestation will always be your Mattress, whether you like it or not.

Dust mites are cunning — they seek out neat little hiding places and crevices in the Mattress. The bedroom is usually the darkest and coolest room in the home at night; on the side of the house where the sun rises. They resort to coming out only at night when it is dark to feed, mate and reproduce; they shun direct sunlight, as Dr. Norman Herskovich O.D (Optometry) reported in the CBS 4 Investigative Report below.

Your Mattress is a huge magnet for dust mites and spider mites; mites come to feed on your dander and dead skin and thrive in humid environments where human perspiration is abundant and fungi spores and bacteria multiple freely. To prevent allergic skin reactions to dust mite infestations in your home, you should start by mixing a natural bug repellent essential oil solution like “Sharen Scents Naturals – Aromatic Lavender Mist” (100 drops or 5ml) with 2 cups of baking soda in a jar. Shake the sealed jar aggressively to allow the essential oils to mix evenly with the baking soda. Strip your mattress of all linen and place the linen in a sealed bag and FREEZE your bed linen overnight in your freezer and then wash at a high temperature the next day to kill dust mites. Use your sifter to evenly sprinkle your baking soda + essential oil mix all over your mattress. Let it sit for at least 3 hours to absorb dust, bacteria, dead mite feces and other allergen particulate matter that may cause an allergic skin reaction or get into your lungs. Use a HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaner to remove all of the baking soda from the mattress.  You should re-apply each step at least twice a month to repel mites long-term!

The red and itchy skin you see above is an allergic reaction to the proteins in the dust mite feces in the mattress. The allergic reaction looks like an insect bite, but it’s really an itchy skin reaction caused by dust mites which account for 25% of all indoor residential allergies.  Each female house dust mite lays 2 – 3  eggs per a day and dust mite excrement can stay on all indoor surfaces for weeks and linger in the air as fine dust particles called guanine, a protein found in fecal pellets and dead exoskeletons of dust mites. If this dust mite excrement gets in your lungs, it can make your life a living hell. Bedclothes and mattress are the main habitats for dust mites, including carpets, rugs, pillows and stuffed toys. You’ve got to arm yourself with the right essential solution to effectively kill and wipe them out at the Source before they have a chance to infest your home. Allergies can be from dust mites and their eggs buried in stuffed animals. Dust mites can be found in almost any environment where there is moisture. Mites are able to easily absorb moisture through their pores. If you have children with pre-existing ailments like asthma, you may want to pay even more close attention to their room: sweaty sports equipment like baseball gloves and stuffed animals are “suspect” hiding spots for dust mites…especially if they have been around for a long time.

With a little knowledge about the use of essential oils (EO) which by the way are simply super-concentrated extracts of plants derived from a process called steam distillation, we went to work to test our own bug-repellent essential oil solution in lieu of buying toxic and harsh chemicals from Home Depot fearing the worst; breathing toxic and harmful synthetic chemicals not knowing the long-term effects of exposure. Being that your car is a “closed” and A/C climate controlled environment, why risk unknown breathing complications from potentially toxic chemicals when our ShareNscents Naturals – Aromatic Lavender Mist”, an all-natural organic essential oil blend solution works effectively with multiple applications to safely disinfect carpets and kill dust mites, spider mites and their eggs!

Have you ever heard of Demodex mites or eyelash mites? Demodex mites and house dust mites are very similar, except the eyelash mites have a very long body that is great for burying deep down into the hair follicles of your eyelashes. They look like an elongated slug under the microscope. They tend to attach to these hair follicles because of the oily and fatty sebum below. Eyelash mites are a serious hazard because they inhabit the follicle at the base of the eyelash and can cause of a chronic eyelid inflammation called blepharitis. Mites are sensitive to sunlight so they come out at night when you are sleeping to mate and reproduce. After you watch the video below, you will learn why it is so important to spray your Welcome Mat at the front door of your home, car floor carpets and just about any fibrous surface in your car and home that could be a breeding ground for dust mites, spider mites and Demodex mites. Mites are invisible to the naked eye and even though they don’t bite, they cause chronic skin irritations when they bury deep in the eyelash hair follicles feeding on your oily sebum. (“All healthy animals have some dust mites”watch the CBS 4 Miami video below).

Demodex mites are attracted to the oily and fatty sebum, but you don’t want your skin to be too dry or you might get eczema. Tea tree oil is great for maintaining the proper pH balance on your face between sebum (free fatty acids excreted from your skin’s sebaceous glands) and amino acids and sweat on your face. It’s a powerful essential oil that not only kills Demodex mites but also kills house dust mites.

Please watch this video from our local CBS 4 Miami that made me think seriously about dust mites:

For women, Demodex (“eyelash mites”) pose a greater threat because of poor makeup hygiene. According to Dr. Tonya Gill of The “We Love Eyes” Blog, “many women wear their makeup to bed and the accumulation of oily sebum over time creates an environment where Demodex mites thrive, reproduce and infest their face, eyelids and eyebrows. Excess oily sebum is food for Demodex mites. In the fight against demodex mites, BioTissue, a company based in Doral, Florida has formulated a patented solution called Cliradex and the key ingredient is the active compound in tea tree oil. It’s available for $40.28 for 24 towelettes and it’s a great starting point in the defense against Demodex mites. Tea Tree Oil is a powerful essential oil that should never be taken internally. In its pure form at 100% concentration, it is highly irritating to the eyes. When it’s properly diluted, tested and formulated for everyday use, it can be a powerful weapon against Demodex mites especially for women who skip makeup removal at night, have a habitual pattern of poor makeup hygiene from time to time and/or have shared mascara and makeup with friends.

Sharing makeup and the improper cleansing of makeup applicators are ranked by dermatologists nationwide as The Top 2 Methods of Demodex mite migration and infestation on a woman’s face. Better makeup care is suggested to avoid medicated ointments such as Permethrin Cream 5% with its harsh side effects.

Tea tree oil is a natural defense against Demodex mites and if you wear eyeliner and makeup, remove it every night and remove it well. Essential oils offer a natural defense against Demodex mites because when properly diluted and formulated for everyday use, the essential oil solution can remove oily debris quite easily which makes it difficult for Demodex mites to thrive, reproduce and lead to skin inflammations.

You should see the incredible video about Demodex Mites (YouTube links shared below) and how you can safeguard yourself and your family. Your optometrist can prescribe tea tree oil wet wipes just for your eyelashes to remove Demodex mites on your face to prevent conditions like Demodexfolliculorum and Blepharitis.

“Please Don’t Let These Bugs Bite You!” — Zika Virus:

With the recent outbreak of the Zika Virus in South Florida, the Aedes aegypti mosquito led to many tourists avoiding South Florida all together in 2016. Why risk the health of their newborn babies or their chances of starting a family in the near future just for a few vacation days. In Brazil, the Zika virus was confirmed to be a factor in the birth of babies with the painful and debilitating birth defect called microcephaly (“born with an abnormally small head”) where the brain doesn’t develop normally. In their fight to save babies’ lives in Brazil, doctors in Rio de Janeiro speculated that the survival rate of Zika babies there was less than two years!

The situation was grim in 2016 when Ground Zero for the Zika Virus in Florida was declared by the Governor to be Miami’s Wynwood Art District, the urban renewal district in the heart of downtown Miami. As the Zika virus outbreak migrated and exploded throughout most of the Miami Beach area, a deluge of tourists abandoned South Beach and many residents were forced to risk their health with long-term use of DEET and its unknown health risks.

Powassan/Lyme Disease (seek immediate medical attention if you’re ever bitten by a tick):

Ticks are most active in late spring and early summer and the fears of contracting Powassan or Lyme Disease are real. According to the Harvard Medical School, about 15% of patients who are infected and have symptoms are not expected to survive and survivors have long-term neurological damage to address. A tick bite can be a child’s worst nightmare, with flu-like symptoms starting in a week and progressing to severe muscle aches and pains and a skin rash. Look for that characteristic “bull’s eye” tick bite. There are no treatments for Powassan and the symptoms can progress to seizures and difficulty breathing on your own. With climate change and warmer winters, ticks are able to survive longer. According the Agricultural Experiment Station in Connecticut, 29% of deer ticks tested positive for Lyme disease in 2016. The famous singer, Avril Lavigne had the fight of her young life after contracting Lyme disease in the spring of 2014. In a recent interview on CNN, she said that she was probably “bitten by a tick” while on Tour. She was bedridden for FIVE MONTHS with chronic symptoms of nausea, lethargy and severe disorientation. Ticks hide out in mattresses at hotels and extended stay resorts where no precautions (“minimal housekeeping”) are taken to protect guests from dust mites, lice and ticks. According to the School of Public Health in Colorado – three ticks carry Powassan – the tick that “likes to bite humans the most” is called Ixodes Scapularis which also bite mice and small animals like cats and dogs. Viruses cross the cycle from animals to ticks to humans and Ixodes scapularis is known to bury its head deep in the skin.  Powassan encephalitis is a serious threat, especially after several deaths were reported in Hudson Valley in 2013. A bite can lead to minor symptoms like a minor cough, fatigue and headache for a few weeks and then eventual death from myocarditis and meningitis after an Powassan infected tick bite where the virus is transmitted within minutes. While most experts agreed that only about 6 – 10% of all ticks carried Powassan in the Hudson Valley area at the time & the virus is untreatable with no diagnostic tests. This 2017 tick season is going to be very severe so make sure if you live in the affected states that you consult the Tick-Borne Disease Alliance and the Lyme Disease Network to protect your family.

Are you a frequent traveler with many overnight stays in hotels every year? You should arm yourself with a UV Black Light ($30) and a powerful essential oil solution to lightly mist and disinfect hotel bed linen, rugs, bathroom tiles and sinks as needed. You own it to your family to safeguard your health while you’re out-of-town.  With a black light device, you can quickly scan your hotel room with UV Light to find traces of gross contamination. Is your hotel mattress free of bed bugs and lice? Did they change the bed linen? Scan for lice and other critters before you lay your head down to sleep before your big meeting in the morning. Many hotel chains do a really poor job at cleaning the bathroom. Now you can scan the bathroom with your UV black light for traces of urine and other residual organic fluids. They say, “The Truth Shall Set You Free”. With an electric UV Black Light at your disposal every time you travel and stay at a hotel, you simply turn off the lights and scan the room with your electric UV Black Light. Once you learn whether or not the hotel staff changed the sheets (i.e. huge perspiration mark on the pillow cases) or perhaps find dog urine behind the bathroom door,  you’re going to be compelled to march right down to the Hotel Lobby and speak the Manager immediately!

If there is a really huge and embarrassing problem in your room, you may receive a FULL refund.

UV-C Germicidal Lamp – “Is the Air you Breathe at Home Toxic?” : If a member of your family suffers from asthma and respiratory problems, you should look into the use of a UV-C Germicidal Lamp for your Air Conditioning System. UV light is not only great for scanning for beg bugs, lice and organic fluid, but it works great in the duct work to sanitize and purify the air. Most air conditioning systems are havens for mold, spores and fungi. The Bio-Shield UV-C Lamp fits in the air handler of your A/C Conditioning system at home. It has a strong Teflon coating in the event of accidental damage or breakage. UV-C Light kills bacteria, viruses and contaminants that contribute to colds, Influenza and sinus infections.

A Bio-Shield UV-C Germicidal Lamp will help your family breathe better at night and increase the efficiency of your A/C system and lower costs of removing biofilm from the A/C coils. Bio-Shield offers you the latest UV-C Germicidal System for optimum air quality in your home. This technology is used in today’s most advanced hospitals to kill hazardous bacteria and viruses and safeguard the health of their patients. Biofilm is dirt that clogs up A/C coils and acts as a breeding ground for dust mites and lice. Eliminate this threat in the air and you’ll significantly improve the quality of life in your home for young and old.

Urine contains the element phosphorus and cat urine glows brightly under ultraviolet light. You can use your UV black light to detect body fluids of all kinds. It’s a great way to look for pet urine or make sure the bathroom or hotel room is clean.

Sweat, saliva and urine will shine bright under an ultraviolet black light and semen happens to glow the brightest because of this unique chemical composition.

If you stay in hotels frequently, look for bed bugs which are one of the most dangerous pests you might encounter on your vacation. They are parasites that spread many diseases. Bed bug bites can be severe and the skin irritation is not a reaction to the bite itself, but more so a reaction to the bed bug’s saliva. The bed bugs hatred of light makes it difficult to find them during waking hours, however, once you remove the bed linen and look towards the corner seams of the mattress, their debris trail of waste and blood will glow bright under a UV black light. Don’t forget to look behind the nearby electrical outlet or the seam of the wall. Essential oils that work great to repel bed bugs are cinnamon, clove bud oil, lavender, tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil. You can use this blend to mist your linen and use it in the rinse cycle in hot water wash loads.

To keep the bedbugs away, use lavender. Bed bugs hate the smell of lavender, while most people love it. Using a device like the Nano UV Disinfection Wand ($200 MSRP) along with a powerful essential oil solution that not only sterilizes the air and surfaces is a great combination for families with young children to minimize viruses in the air and reduce allergens that cause asthma, respiratory problems.

For more information about Lyme Disease and the Powassan Virus, you can seek out the expert advisories for 2017 at the Tick-Borne Disease Alliance (TBDA) and the Lyme Disease Network.

Which essential oil will help you remove a tick from your dog or cat? If you spot a tick on your dog or cat, mix 1 drop of peppermint oil with 1 drop of cinnamon oil and apply the blend directly on the tick, wait 1 – 2 minutes and then use a tweezer to remove the tick which will be incapacitated by the essential oils.

IMPORTANT: You must PULL THE TICK OFF in a straight and steady motion as anything left could lead to an infection. This essential oil blend is a powerful anti-viral combination which will help to prevent infection at the tick bite site. To kill the tick, place it in alcohol and wash your hands immediately.

You can easily make an organic tick repellent with an essential oil blend of lavender, eucalyptus and clove bud oils, then mist the Welcome Mat at your home, the corners of your back porch entrance and other areas of your home where you suspect ticks might gain access to your home. Lyme disease and the Powassan Virus are serious threats and each tick season becomes more severe with climate change. In the recent article by Julia Franz of PRI (Public Radio International), “Tick Season Has Begun. How much do you know about Lyme Disease?, Julia stated that, “over 300,000 people contracted Lyme Disease each year while 90% of ticks feeding on the white-footed mouse will pick up the infection, different host species such as mice and squirrels have different probability of transmitting Lyme disease.”

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, from May through July, people get more tick bites and tick-borne diseases than any other time of the year. Lyme disease and Powassan virus are the two most serious threats when it comes to ticks, however there are two other illnesses: anaplasmosis and babesiosis which cause flu-like symptoms which may become fatal especially for the elderly and people with weakened immune systems. Take every precaution against these blood-sucking ticks.

To key to protecting your health is to CREATE an environment that is unfit for dust mites, ticks and lice to thrive and reproduce. Essential oils offer you a safe and natural solution that can be used everyday without any harmful side effects. You can kill them, but they simply return — often with a mass vengeance when you let your guard down. If you repel them and make it virtually impossible for them to thrive and reproduce and lay their eggs — then that’s a great long-term strategy to protect your health.

Yes, it’s true — dust mites and ticks have happy feet. They will find their way into your home — unless you kill them at the Source. They love to attach to carpets, linen and just about any fibrous surface like sneakers and backpacks. Sneakers allow dust mites to “sneak” into your home and infest carpets, rugs and your Mattress. You should spray your sneakers on a regular basis with an essential oil solution with lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus to kill dust mites and their eggs. Essential oils tame sneaker odor.

Robert Tisserand, author of “The Art of Aromatherapy: The Healing and Beautifying Properties of the Essential Oils of Flowers and Herbs” is considered to be one of the world’s leading authorities on the use of essential oils for ailments, fighting disease, health and well-being. He works as a Plant Therapy consultant.

ESSENTIAL OILS bring healthy ionization into your home. Negative ions are oxygen atoms charged with an extra electron. They are created in nature by the effects of water, air and sunlight. That’s why you feel invigorated when you go to the beach, climb the Dunn’s River Waterfall in Ocho Rios, Jamaica or go bike riding in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park in Kona, Hawaii.

According to Mark’s Daily Apple Blog, “negative ions (along with bright sunlight) reduced subjective measurements of depression, improved mood, and reduced anger in both depressed and non-depressed college students. Research shows that negative ion exposure increases cilial activity in your trachea which makes it easier to breathe while positive ion exposure inhibits it”.

Airborne bacteria, mold and viruses usually carry a positive charge which can be quickly neutralized by negative ions. Himalayan Salt Lamps are natural negative ion generators. Salt is hydroscopic so it attracts water and the heat of the lamp causes the salt to react with the water in the air. This reaction floods the air with negative ions to improve air quality, reduce allergens, improve your mood and sense of general well-being and vitality.

Negative ions are “Nature’s Agents of Serenity” for our hectic, stressful lives.  Negative ions are plentiful in natural settings like rivers, thunderstorms, waterfalls, the beach with huge waves crashing against on the shoreline and they contribute to us feeling healthy and alive. You can use essential oils to transport negative ionization straight into your home by misting the air in your home with “Sharen Scents Naturals – Aromatic Lavender Mist” regularly especially after sweeping the floor as agitated bacteria and fungi will be circulating free in the air in your home. Negative ionization forces free-circulating bacteria and viruses to be drawn to the floor to be trapped by positive ions where they can be safely neutralized. Positive ions make us feel tired, irritable, depressed and anxious. We are pelted on a daily basis by generators of positive ions: air-conditioning systems, heating systems, environmental pollutants, cigarette smoke and computer screens.

Essential oils allow you to quickly ionize the air volume in your home with a fresh scent. You can also use an Essential Oil Diffuser to mist any room in your home and create an incredible ionization effect that helps you breathe better at night, improve sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

OILS THAT INCREASE NEGATIVE IONS – cedarwood, eucalyptus, grapefruit, lavender , lemongrass, mandarin and patchouli.

Learn more about the natural ingredients of “ShareNscents Naturals – Aromatic Lavender Mist”:

“Sharen Scents Naturals – Aromatic Lavender Mist”  is a proprietary blend of EIGHT powerful essential oils in an organic emulsify solution (“the oil and water will not separate”) that safely and naturally emulsifies the active ingredients of the essential oil blend to create a delightful mist, free of toxic and harsh chemicals, free of poisonous rubbing alcohol (“isopropanol”) which is a common ingredient in many aromatherapy sprays on the market today. All ingredients are 100% natural. All essential oils used in this aromatic mist are 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Here is a short description of common household uses of 100% pure essential oils:

Lavender (lavandula angustifolia) –  a wonderful, fresh, floral and clean aroma that is great for creating a space of relaxation and calm. Helps to induce sleep, heal burns and wounds, restores skin complexion and anti-aging with powerful antioxidants. Often sold in stores under the label “linen water” or as a “sleep and pillow spray” to repel bugs like lice, bed begs and dust mites from bed sheets, pillowcases and comforters and help people enjoy a night of restful sleep. Lavender oil is great for alleviating tension headaches and many people testify that it has helped them to improve conditions relating to eczema and psoriasis. Lavender oil has been known to work very effectively in households as an anti-microbial and anti-fungal agent to effectively clean and purify the air and household surfaces like the kitchen and bathroom sink while leaving a delightful and refreshing scent.

Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) – known as a powerful antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiseptic, antiviral agent and many medical studies have shown that it kills many strains of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Tea tree oil is a very effective insect repellent, mold remover and anti-microbial laundry freshener. Tea Tree Oil is powerful enough to kill mold and other bad bacteria and stable enough when mixed with lavender to make an effective homemade wound ointment. Down under in Australia, Tea Tree Oil is a favorite among the Aborigines as it is well known that Tea Tree Oil is an effective insect repellent and insect killer and it keeps parasites like fleas, lice, ticks and dust mites off anyone with tea tree oil rubbed on their skin. According to WebMD, tea tree oil repels lice and by mixing a 2% diluted solution of lavender and tea tree oil in your favorite shampoo, this essential oil blend kills lice eggs and significantly reduces the number of live lice living on your scalp. Early research also shows that tea tree oil may cure eyelid infections resulting from the infestation of the eyelashes by the mite (Ocular Demodicosis) and reduce vision loss. Tea tree oil is an excellent alternative to benzoyl peroxide, a common over-the-counter medication prescribed for the treatment of acne. In many studies, tea tree oil when carefully diluted in a safe carrier agent such as monofloral Manuka Honey was found to be just as effective as benzoyl peroxide for detoxifying pores and preventing oily sebum buildup. Manuka honey is known worldwide for its high anti-inflammatory and antibacterial compounds; it is only harvested from bees who only feed on the flowers of the Manuka bush found in Manuka, New Zealand and Australia. Depending on the type of medication, benzoyl peroxide has been reported by teens to be extremely harsh on their skin. Manuka honey has also been sourced for use for sore throats, digestive issues, Staph infections and gingivitis.

Clove bud oil (Syzygium aromaticum) is derived from the buds of aromatic flower buds native to Indonesia and it’s active ingredient is commonly used in the dentist’s office. Eugenol, the active ingredient in clove oil is used to provide relief from toothaches and eliminates bad breath; it is not only a great pain reliever but also helps to heal wounds, cuts and other types of injuries. In India, it is a common practice for mothers to apply a drop or two of diluted clove oil to a cotton ball and apply to the teeth of children to ease the pain of cavities. It is one of the most powerful antioxidants so proper use of clove oil can boost your immune system, treat coughs, colds and sinusitis. It is an excellent mosquito repellent. One of the unique characteristics of clove bud oil is that is works effectively to keep bugs and insects away. Clove oil has powerful antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral properties that’s great for purifying large air volumes of airborne bacteria and viruses.

Eucalyptus (eucalyptus radiata) – commonly used in spas and yoga centers to purify the air and clean surfaces of sweat and bacteria, eucalyptus blends well with lavender to enhance healing and cleansing qualities of this aromatic mist. The active ingredient in the eucalyptus essential oil is 1,8 cineole which is a common additive in cough drops and expectorants according to the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy. Eucalyptus works as an expectorant to cleanse the body of toxins and helps to reduce microorganisms in the air that will make you feel sick. It is mild enough to be used for hair nourishment and as a hand cleaner, but strong enough to gargle and remove mouth odor. Eucalyptus works great as an all-natural topical antimicrobial agent and is an active ingredient in many insecticides and insect repellents. Essential oils in their 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade form are very powerful substances and you only need a few drops per a standard 8 oz bottle to effectively use them. Eucalyptus is often added in small amounts to many shampoo products because it is a natural remedy for lice and mites. Even a handheld aroma diffuser like a mist spray can work just as well as an ultrasonic aroma diffuser sold in stores ($69 and up) to create a powerful ionization effect in the room that binds to airborne bacteria and dust in the air to effectively purify your living space.  Mold is extremely dangerous, especially for young children and eucalyptus works great to cleanse the air and maintain a mold-free home. Eucalyptus works great to help alleviate asthma as it dilates the blood vessels and allows more oxygen into the lungs, and if you are suffering from a cold, you can add a few drops to your bedside aroma diffuser before going to sleep to refresh the air in your room and to keep your airways clear and open for a restful night sleep.

Peppermint (Mentha × piperita) is a wonderful bug repellant; ants, spiders, cockroaches, mice and even lice are repulsed by peppermint, making it a natural bug floor repellant and cleaning agent. Based on a recent study in Israel, the use of peppermint compared to OFF/DEET resulted in 150 minutes of complete protection time against mosquitos. Peppermint Essential oil has powerful antiseptic properties and helps with toothache pain and works hard to combat bad breath and improve circulation.

Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica) is a warm, woodsy uplifting aromatic scent with powerful antiseptic, insecticidal and fugicidal properties. Cedarwood has been used as a mosquito and insect repellent for hundreds of years by the Cherokee Indians and when used in a vaporizer it drives away mosquitos, flies, lice and mites in large open spaces. Bugs are repulsed by the woodsy scent of cedarwood making it the perfect insecticide and bug repellent. It is also well known as a powerful expectorant and eliminates coughs and colds and respiratory tract congestion allowing users to get a great night sleep. Cedarwood is a great blend with lavender and rosemary as an excellent sedative for soothing and calming the mind, relieving tension and anxiety and the scent of cedarwood has been shown to induce the release of serotonin, which is converted into melatonin in the brain for a calm and restorative sleep cycle.

Ylang Ylang (Cananga Odorata) is a powerful essential oil that induces a wonderful feeling of relaxation and calm, alleviates depression and due to its powerful antiseptic properties, it is used in many cosmetic products to prevent skin infections and inflammation. Ylang ylang is known for its amazing ability to provide relief from stress, anger and anxiety and it is quite effective for helping to lower blood pressure due to its sedative qualities. Health practitioners have used Ylang ylang for many years to help treat skin conditions like Seborrhea (eczema) and regulate the production of sebum by the skin’s sebaceous glands. Ylang ylang is an active ingredient in many medicinal solutions used to treat head lice. Ylang ylang is great for clearing the air of bacteria and viruses that cause respiratory problems and helps with sinus infections. One of the many great gifts of Ylang Ylang is its calming effect on the body and mind accompanied by balance and equilibrium. It complements this eight-oil synergy blend as lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus are three of the most powerful all-natural essential oils for repelling bugs and killing dust mites, spider mites and head lice. Ylang Ylang is unique because when combined with rosemary, a well-known hair growth stimulant, they increase the thickness of the hair shaft to help grow thicker hair while helping with alopecia to prevent hair damage from salt water. Ylang ylang has a stimulating effect on the scalp and it provides minerals and compounds for nourishment of the scalp to prevent hair loss. Ylang ylang is a potent conditioner of the scalp and hair and blends well with tea tree oil to control dandruff and grow long, lustrous and voluminous hair. Many aromatherapists add a few drops of Ylang ylang to their favorite conditioner or coconut oil to make a quick DIY (Do-It-Yourself) deep hair conditioner.

Rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis)  – is an aromatic herb that is used to flavor potatoes and roasted lamb. Herbs like rosemary are a great source of very powerful antioxidants to protect your health from all kinds of ailments. Rosemary is part of the mint family and works great for improving memory and relieving muscle aches and pains. The active component in rosemary is called carnosol and studies have shown that due to its very high value on the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) Scale of 3,330 which quantifies its total antioxidant capacity to generate free radical activity, medical experts worldwide are conducting studies to learn more about rosemary’s anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties (reference National Institutes of Health study: “Carnosol: An Promising Anti-Cancer and Anti-Inflammatory Agent“). Many of the hair growth products available over the market list rosemary essential oil as an active ingredient to help prevent baldness, treat dandruff and dry scalp and increase the level of scalp nourishment which has helped thousands of people to fight baldness and to increase hair growth naturally. While certain products on the market have been linked to negative side effects like ED (erectile dysfunction) and low testosterone, rosemary essential oil is an all-natural hair growth alternative that you can easily add to your favorite shampoo to increase hair nourishment at the hair follicle level and to prevent hair fallout. Scholars have long known that inhaling rosemary before exams increases memory performance and rosemary has been shown in studies to significantly improve personal orientation in elderly patients. Rosemary has a distinctive woody scent that is excellent for anxiety and stress relief and can be used to increase circulation in areas of muscle cramps and muscle soreness. Rosemary blends very well with lavender and eucalyptus. The German Commission E – the German version of the FDA has approved rosemary essential oil to treat both muscle pain and arthritis. Rosemary is excellent for promoting circulation and several studies all around the world collaborate with the findings of the German Commission E and their treatment guidelines for the use of rosemary. It makes a natural air freshener for your whole home without the known carcinogens of store-bought artificially scented products. Rosemary works great to repel mosquitos and many other bugs and works effectively as a natural alternative to DEET without all of the toxic chemical components. You can easily create your own DIY (Do-It-Yourself) hair and scalp balm with a 1-2 drops of rosemary essential oil with two tablespoons of baking soda to revitalize and invigorate your hair line and scalp and slowly massage it into your scalp by mixing it with your favorite shampoo to increase hair growth and prevent pattern baldness. After a few weeks of steady use, you will notice that your scalp feels amazing, your hair is thicker and fuller and less hair falls out between each shampoo session because the hair follicles are getting powerful antioxidant nourishment.

Dr. David Stewart has written many books on the topic of how to use essential oils to protect your health. He is the author of “Antimicrobial Essential Oil Champions”. Dust from mite infestation is just one of many particulate matter allergens that are putting young children at risk for asthma and respiratory distress ailments.

It’s important to seek out all-natural organic remedies to target the root of problems in our everyday lives and stamp out dependency on synthetic chemicals, especially when the long-term side effects of exposure to these chemicals is still unknown.

All eight essential oils that make up the natural ingredients of “Sharen Scents Naturals – Aromatic Lavender Mist”  blend incredibly well for a synergistic and natural solution for disinfecting and deodorizing your living space and protecting your home and office from dust mites, spider mites and Demodex mites.

If you are ready to rid your home of dust and Demodex mites, follow these three steps:

STEP 1: To minimize dust mite and Demodex mite infestation in your living space or home, you can start by removing houseplants from indoor environments. Dust mites cling to houseplants for the beads of moisture that collect on their leaves. Dust mites are able to absorb moisture through their exoskeletons as they feed on organic detritus, such as flakes of shed human skin, and flourish in the stable environment of dwellings where houseplants and pets are located.

STEP 2: Freeze your pillow cases and bed linen in a sealed plastic bag in the freezer overnight prior to washing, then wash at a high temperature (140 degrees Fahrenheit). Add 1 oz. of “Sharen Scents Naturals – Aromatic Lavender Mist”  to the laundry rinse cycle to deodorize your linen and kill any remaining dust mites and Demodex mites. If you have pets, pour hot boiling water (212 degrees Fahrenheit) twice a week on pet bedding and blankets outside and hose them down, wash separately and leave them out in the hot blazing sun to dry for at least 6 hours.  Intense sunlight (UV radiation) kills dust mites.  Exposing rugs and carpets to direct strong sunlight for at least 6 hours kills mites. After sunning, brush rugs outside to dislodge dead mites, eggs and fecal dust particles. With regular practice, you will significantly reduce any remaining dust mites from hopping from pets to your young children.

STEP 3: Spray “Sharen Scents Naturals – Aromatic Lavender Mist” on the rugs in the car, living room and bedroom to kill mites and lice. You will create a protective barrier that repels insects and deodorizes! Just lightly mist the surfaces with this powerful seven-oil synergy that has been properly diluted for maximum safety. After a year of testing and research, we have found unique blend of natural and pure essential oils to stop dust mites and Demodex mites in their tracks and deodorize with a wonderful cedar scent.

We use only all-natural ingredients for creating our organic solvent which works as an emulsifier for misting car floor carpets, rugs, bed and pillow covers and much more. The most popular blends sold as Body Mists on the market targets a 0.5% dilution, which is safe to be used on your skin.

STOP THE INSANITY!  Why pay a “Green” Pest Control Company $500 to kill dust mites when pure organic essential oils work just as well?

Why pay a so-called “Green” pest control company over $500 to come out to your home and mist with unknown chemicals, never really knowing if they cut corners for profit and added small concentrations of harmful, toxic chemicals like DEET (harmful to pets and young children) to their sprays.

Why resort to using contraptions like these Bug Repellent Coils that burns on one end which are commonly used in the Deep South of the United States, Caribbean and Asia to keep bugs away with dire consequences; the active ingredients are extremely hazardous to young children (wood dust soaked in gum, insecticide and potassium nitrate is TOXIC); these chemicals are potential carcinogens and may lead to respiratory ailments and possibly, lung cancer.

The Mosquito Coil is one of the four major types of residential insecticide products used worldwide. It consists mostly of hazardous insecticides like BHT, DEET and organic fillers. Octachlorodipropylether (S-2) is used as a synergist in some coils and the EPA recognizes S-2 as an extremely potent lung carcinogen.

There is also an issue with the benzene and formaldehyde that are released from the burning of mosquito coils. Exposure to formaldehyde may cause adverse health effects. Formaldehyde can cause irritation of the skin, eyes, nose, and throat. High levels of exposure may cause some types of cancers. Despite cancer risk, embalmers continue to stick by the use of formaldehyde, an active ingredient in  the embalming fluid used to preserve dead bodies (“cadavers”) until the funeral and trace amounts of formaldehyde are also found in cigarettes and e-cigarette liquids fillers.

According to the Chest Research Foundation, the vapors of mosquito coil smoke is deadly because it may reach the alveolar region of the lungs (gas-exchange region of the lungs where alveoli oxygenate your blood). Burning one coil releases the same amount of particulate matter as burning 140+ cigarettes!

When you Sow a Seed with $5 or more donation to the charity, Humane Society International, we will ship to you this Free Wellness Kit with Free Shipping. You’ll receive your 2 Aromatherapy Glass Spray Bottles filled with our signature blend called “Sharen Scents Naturals – Aromatic Lavender Mist” (ultra-concentrated at 2.5% Dilution to kill dust mites) for a wonderful blend of Lavender, Tea Tree Oil, Clove Bud, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang and Rosemary. We use certified organic pure therapeautic-grade essential oils for the special formula in our signature blend. You can take one to work for an added layer of protection in public restrooms and at the gym from viruses and bacteria and mist your entire home to keep away dust mites, bed bugs and lice. Share with friends and by all means, keep one close when you travel out of town on long stays. Hotels are just a breeding ground for all kinds of viruses. Not intended as a body mist; designed for air and surfaces purification only. The body mists sold in stores are 1/10th of this concentration (0.25% dilution).

Enjoy our all-natural formula of eight powerful essential oils that effectively kills germs and bacteria on all types of surfaces and it’s invigorating aroma invokes memories of the most memorable spa experience you’ve ever had. You’ll get two (2) spray bottles with a small donation to the Humane Society International. Over 30 million dogs are slaughtered each year overseas and their meat is traded, with the most inhumane bludgeoned meat with high traces of adrenalin prized by traders. We must #StopYulin.

Click here to learn more about the Humane Society International and join our fight to shut down the dog meat trade in China, Indonesia, India and South Korea and make your $5 or more donation.

Your Free Wellness Kit includes:

— Two (2) small 1/6 oz. glass spray bottles of “Sharen Scents Naturals – Aromatic Lavender Mist”.
— A beautiful and magical Blue Monarch Butterfly. If you love butterflies, you’ll fall in love with this card.
Includes Free Refills for 90 days. Simply return your spray bottles to our office. Free Shipping.
Plus, you’ll get a Free Gift with your 3rd Free Refill: your choice of a 10ml bottle of pure essential oil.

Your Free Wellness Kit should arrive in 5 – 7 days. Please provide a copy of your HSI receipt. Thanks.
Our free refill system ensures less landfill and a lower carbon footprint from our essential oil program.

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